What we are using: Elementary Independent Time 

We are two weeks in so I thought now would be the time to share what we have been using for Miss E (age 9), and Little A (age 7). Better late than never, right? Often I change our course many times throughout the year depending upon God’s leading, interest, events coming up, issues both […]

Hope: the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best Written by Chad Veach, pastor of Zoe Church in Los Angeles, the title alone grabs one’s attention. Hope is a word we are all drawn to. Hope sustains. Hope builds. Hope dreams. However, where do we place […]

Ordinarily I try to steer clear of politics on this blog, and while this post isn’t “political” per say, it’s a lot closer than normal. Lately I have been worrying a lot. About a lot. The world around us is getting pretty dark. As I stepped in my car, I heard the radio announcer reading […]

Week 1 Wrap-Up: Elementary Cornerstone 2016-17

Factor in some “bored” kids and an antsy mom and you have an environment ripe for beginning school early. We had a rough one last year (AGAIN) and I was stressed over this year. New year, new chance. It also helps that I came across some really neat people who opened my eyes to a […]

When God asks you to do something hard

I watched him take his first breath….his first steps…his first heartbreak….drive for the first time….apply for a job for the first time….take control of his medicine…..how can I let go now?  Several years ago I saw my boys go down to the alter at church to pray. I felt God whisper into my spirit even […]